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Mon, 06 Apr 87 15:40:14 +0100

This is just to expand a few details of Jon Crowcroft's note:

NIFTP (Network Independent File Transfer Protocol) may be of
some interest to the DARPA community, as it is currently more
widely available than FTAM. There are a number of potential
advantages of ARPA FTP, as Jon pointed out:
   - Many implementations support resumptions
   - Spooled implementations are available
   - the single channel makes gatewaying rather easier

A copy of the protocol can be obtained from:
        Department of Trade and industry
        Kingsgate House
        66-74 Victoria Street
        London SW1

The protocol will operate over TCP/IP, and has assigned sockets:
        47 (straight NIFTP)
        61 (NIFTP + JNT Mail)

There are implementations for a wide range of machines. A full
table of colured book implementations for the various machine
ranages can be obtained from Dr. Bob Cooper
<> who runs the Joint Network Team.

A brief note on UNIX implementations, which I know are of
particular interest. There is a JNT supported implemetnation,
which is available through Spider Systems. Contact
Andy Davis <>. However, this does
not support either TCP or resumptions.

There is another UNIX implementation, which is not supported
but is being assembled as a public domain package by
Cambridge/UCL/Nottingham. This is a very full implementation
of the protocol, and has TCP/IP (4.2/4.3). We believe that this system is
substantially better than the official one, but of course there
is no support. We are currently doing testing as a
smallish group, but the system will be distributed in due course,
after it has been released to a number of beta sites.
If anyone is interested, contact <>.
Do NOT send messages to, as suggested by Jon.


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