Re: My Broadcast

Dennis G. Perry (
Mon 6 Apr 87 07:19:50-EST

Jordan, you are right in your assumptions that people will get annoyed
that what happened was allowed to happen.

By the way, I am the program manager of the Arpanet in the Information
Science and Technology Office of DARPA, located in Roslin (Arlington), not
the Pentagon.

I would like suggestions as to what you, or anyone else, think should be
done to prevent such occurances in the furture. There are many drastic
choices one could make. Is there a reasonable one? Perhaps some one
from Sun could volunteer what there action will be in light of this
revelation. I certainly hope that the community can come up with a good
solution, because I know that when the problem gets solved from the top
the solutions will reflect their concerns.

Think about this situation and I think you will all agree that this is
 a serious problem that could cripple the Arpanet and anyother net that
lets things like this happen without control.


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