Re: Response to anti-bridge comments

kik (
6 Apr 87 07:26:02 GMT

   I get the impression that, in the discussion on Bridge functionality,
people are not taking enough trouble to distinguish between the *service*
and the *communications*.

   The service is to filter and forward, based on destination address.
There is no reason for the filtering not to be shared, in a disjoint way,
by any number of devices. In fact, we intend to do this. The load-sharing
and backup algorithms are designed and we plan to implement them on our own
equipment once we get the time.

   The communications can be based on point-to-point links, satellites,
etc. In fact, the choice of communications is limited only by your
networking ability. For example, DEC and Vitalink have "invented" a
spanning-tree approach to provide redundant communcation. This is really
primitive. We, at CERN, use a genuine communications subnet with all of
the build-in advantages (originally designed for inter-computer traffic,
and all the better for that!). The ideal backbone for such purposes would
be a high-speed bus-type network (we're hoping for FDDI).

    I am trying to rewrite the IEEE 802.1 document on MAC-level bridges to
reflect the clear separation between
   a) address resolution and
   b) routing
so that the current confusion can be avoided.


               Crispin PINEY

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