Re: overloaded station wagon

H. Craig McKee (mckee@mitre.ARPA)
Sat, 04 Apr 87 12:04:27 EST

>Forgive my inexperience at these things.
>I was just under the impression
>that such conversations are usually carried on elsewhere.
>I am being forced to filter my mail,
>to distill other more useful information on TCP/IP.

Come on, friend, lighten up, we are an eclectic group. If you have no
use for an Illudium Q-2 Explosive Network Demodulator then I offer the
following story concerning the relative skills of French and German

At a banquet celebrating the fiftieth birthday of a reigning Queen,
whose name I will not mention for the sake of tact, every country
contributed a typical dish to the meal. Unfortunately, the frijoles
refritos from Mexico and garbanzos from Spain very soon affected the
delicate digestion of the Queen. In a moment of silence, one could
hear, very definitely from the seat of honor, the sound of escaping air.
   Immediately, the French Ambassador, purple-faced, was on his feet
saying, "Madame, I beg you, mille pardons, but my digestive system has
been very labile. I have been warned by my doctor to eat bland foods
but have been unable to resist these delicacies."
    This, of course, was a serious diplomatic defeat for the other
ambassadors present, and was particularly felt by the representative of
the Third Reich, one Joachim von Ribbentrop.
    With a keen ear, he awaited another such happening from the royal
presence, and when it occurred, he jumped to his feet, clicked his
heels, and bowed, shouting, "Madame, this one and the next three are for
the Third Reich."

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