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Subject: TCP retransmission
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Date: 4 Apr 87 03:48:50 GMT
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I'm currently writing some TCP-IP code (for a PDP-11 running RT-11), and am
looking to do retransmissions correctly.

>From what I've read here, poor retransmission behavior is a major source
of congestion... although my code is intended for a very lightly loaded
Ethernet and I can get away with being sloppy, if there's a painless way to
do it right for the general case, it would be nice to put it in.

I understand the idea of exponential backoff, and know of the RTT-based
algorithm suggested in the RFC (which I believe is what BSD 4.2 uses (?))...
is this the proper algorithm to use, or is there a better one?

Thanks for any info...

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