TCP/IP for NCR 3000, Burrougs XE520 and B-25

Stan Ames (sra@mitre-bedford.ARPA)
Fri, 03 Apr 87 07:46:44 EST

The ULANA program has been requested to add three machines to its list of
hosts to be supported. These are:
NCR WS3000 with CTOS
Burroughs XE520 with CTOS, BTOS, MSDOS, or XENIX
Burroughs B-25 with MSDOS, or BTOS

I am unfamilar with any of these machines but I would like to acomodiate
the request if interfaces are available.

We are looking for an 802.3 interface with TCP,IP,TELNET,FTP,SMPT,etc
any information or leads would be greatly appreciated.

Stan Ames
sra at mitre-bedford

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