New source for Imagen laser printer memory boards.

Chris Ansari (
Wed, 01 Apr 87 22:06:47 -0800

        I, recently had the oppertunity to evaluate a memory board for
the Imagen IP/II processors. Since this is the first I had heard of an
alternative source for Imagen memory I thought I'd share the info with
the net. The company's name is Kortex Systems and incase you want to
contact them their phone numbers are (415)-961-4411 or (415)-969-4053.
They sell both a 4 meg and a 3 Meg board, I tried out the 4 Meg board
in our 8/300 and our 3320 Imagen printers, both printers sit on our
local ether net. In the past large jobs (100+ pages) would come out
in reverse order and you would have to collilate the pages manually,
with the 4 meg board in the system I couldn't find a listing large enough
to use up all of the memory. We used the board in both systems for a
week and saw no problems with it. The 4 Meg board retails for $1795 with
discouts for non-profit and educational groups. The last time I checked
the largest board Imagen sold was a 3 Meg one and it was going for $1900.


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