totally cretinous domain lossage

Mark Crispin (Crispin@SUMEX-AIM.Stanford.EDU)
Wed, 1 Apr 87 15:02:35 PST

     A major Internet mailing list failed today because the domain system is
broken for hosts in Norway. Specifically, the hosts that were named
OSLO-VAX.ARPA and NTA-VAX.ARPA have IN-ADDR records on their host addresses
that return the names ifi.UIO.NO and tor.NTA.NO respectively. However, the
domain system does not recognize either of the mumble.NO names!

     I sure to hell wish that organizations would coordinate their IN-ADDR
entries with their name entries. Please don't tell me not to use IN-ADDR
entries -- I know it's a kludge and as soon as the developers of the TOPS-20
domain software give me a "translate name to fully-qualified domain name"
function I'll use it.

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