NetBios over TCP

Dave Crocker (
Mon, 30 Mar 87 16:29:24 PST

In article <8703232326.AA18131@seismo.CSS.GOV> michael@labtam.OZ.AU (Michael Podhorodecki) writes:
> Could someone let be know the status of the NETBIOS over TCP/IP...

I am slowly working my way through some backlog messages and others
may already have responded. But your query seemed important enough
to be worth a redundant response...

The NetBios/TCP effort has produced an initial specification which is
documented as two Arpa Internet RFC (Requests for Comments):

        Protocol Standard for a NetBios Service on a TCP/UDP
        Transport: Concepts and Methods; RFC #1001

        Protocol Standard for a NetBios Service on a TCP/UDP
        Transport: Detailed Specifications; RFC #1002

They are available for distribution from the Network Information Center,
at SRI International. You may order them by calling 800-235-3155.

The text is about 150 pages, combined, so you can have many hours of
fun reading, understanding, commenting upon it.

The spec cites online and postal address to which you may send
comments. You might also consider sending online comments to

Good luck.


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