Re: danger of bridges

Drew Daniel Perkins (
Tue, 31 Mar 87 00:26:47 est

>I should hope that the situation is not this bad, especially since x3s33

>ES-IS (host-gateway) routing protocol uses a similar HELLO scheme. Although

>I am also not a DECNET expert (or even novice, for that matter), I'm would

>be EXTREMELY suprized if the HELLO timer was not settable, meaning that

>for crowded networks, it could and I assume normally would be set

>to greater than 15 seconds.

I've asked a local DECnet wizard who tells me that the timer is indeed
settable (almost everything is in DECnet). Of course the problem is that it
must be set on every host and we don't have direct control over them all...

>Second, host HELLO's typically go to gateways,

>not other hosts, so every host doesn't need to process every host

>HELLO, just gateway HELLO's. There should be much fewer gateways than


In DECnet atleast, the HELLO is just a multicast and therefore goes to all
hosts receiving on that multicast address.


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