Re: network horror stories

Marvin Sirbu (
Mon, 30 Mar 87 14:15:03 est

>most of the telephone companies have the prefix for remote areas stored
locally to

>reduce trunk line usage from wrong numbers...if you dial 412 333 XXXX in 201

>area then 201 area will not even try the connection, it will indicate that

>number is incorrect and a telephone book should be consulted. Alas,

>propagation of this information has the same problems as propagating routing


When CMU's exchange code was changed last year (to 268= CMU) that fact was

not properly propogated to the CCSA switches used by the FTS network. As a

consequence, for two days after the change, no one at NSF, DoD, etc. could

CMU over the FTS network! They were told 268 was not a working exchange.

Marvin Sirbu


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