Re: Re: Tcp/Ip vs a store & forward network

Geof Cooper (imagen!geof@decwrl.DEC.COM)
Mon, 30 Mar 87 10:30:38 pst

> Which brings me to something I would like to get created: FTP to spool so that
> no pswds need to make their way around the network.

[sorry for not answering directly, I don't have a reliable path from USENET
 to bitnet -- my packets always go into a black hole :-]

I think that you are arguing for new conventions, not new protocols. Queuing
of FTP requests is something you can program on your local machine.
As pointed out, in the internet, a host has no concept of "closer", so it
is impossible for a store and forward FTP to do anything other than what
SMTP does now. Unless you do manual routing. Augh.

Similarly, who says that Arpanet mail has end-to-end ACKs? It just depends
on where you put the "end." I put it at the user, and I want to see explicit
acks from users, too (well, I flame so much that it actually doesn't matter
to me if some of my typed jewels drop on the floor -- but when I care, I ask
for an explicit response). For example, I recently looked over the shoulder
of another user, and discovered that he didn't realize that MM would only
show him the messages as "NEW" once -- after that they were only marked UNSEEN.
About three weeks before he had been cut off by a bad phone connection, and
thus missed reading 2 important messages for three weeks - until I showed
him that MM still had those messages marked UNSEEN (he didn't know what the
U was for). So what good was Arpanet's ~100% reliable delivery there!

On USENET it is normal to keep a copy of a sent message until you receive
an ACK for it, manually sent by the recipient. It is reasonable etiquette
to ACK a message when you receive it (unless you want to be able to claim that
you didn't receive it :-)) with a small message that says "I got your message"
or even just "ack". My opinion is that mail reading software should
encourage this behavior by suggesting such a reply and having an automatic
way of generating it.

- Geof

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