Subject: Re: Tcp/Ip vs a store & forward network

30 Mar 87 13:03 EST

But, Hank, that is already provided for in the FTP specs. The PASS command is
not a required command (for that matter, neither is USER). The possibilities

  USER, Reply 2xx
  USER, Reply 331, PASS, Reply 2xx
  USER, Reply 332, ACNT, Reply 2xx
  USER, Reply 331, PASS, Reply 332, ACNT, Reply 2xx

If you want to use SPOOL for a USER name which requires no password, but does
need a user id via the ACNT command, then that "user" (service, really) can
simply DISK DUMP the resultant file into the target virtual machine's reader
queue. If a USER name convention is used throughout the net, it will greatly
simplify the "interactive" script to permit brainless automatons to manage the

Dave Craig
Network Solutions, Inc.

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