Re: Tcp/Ip vs a store & forward network

H. Craig McKee (mckee@mitre.ARPA)
Mon, 30 Mar 87 10:11:31 EST

You were concerned about the reliability of S&F. There are a variety of
tradeoffs to consider. The DoD has an ancient but vigorous system
called AUTODIN. It has the following characteristics:

    - It is a message switching system; messages are limited to 40,000
characters; each message may have as many as 500 addresses.

    - The "switching" part of the system is fairly small; there are 8
AUTODIN Switching Centers in the US, and a few more in Europe and the
Far East.

    - AUTODIN is EXTREMELY reliable; however, duplicate messages may
occur during recovery from a failure. The AUTODIN design philosophy is
that it is better to send several messages twice than to drop any
message once.

    - Also, during failure recovery, delivery transposition may occur;
i.e., an older message will be delivered before a newer message.

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