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H. Craig McKee (mckee@mitre.ARPA)
Fri, 27 Mar 87 13:45:10 EST

This note is from Steve Silverman ""
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From: Steve Silverman
Subject: future networks
I just received a copy of your message of 3/25 on future nets. I agree
with you and the current direction of network evolution as developing
in T1D1 and SG XVIII supports what you said.

Frame relay uses LAPD on each end with the transit switches just relaying
the frames. This allows very low transit delay and high capacity switches.
AT&T is supposedly testing a megapacket/second switch. The Bellcore
contingent at T1D1 is fairly active in this. Do you know Kaj Tesink?
(I don't know how to spell his name but I think he works for Joan LaBanca.)
(Kaj rhymes with sky.)

Frame Relay is a complete violation of the OSI model but nobody wants to
admit it. In my view, the fiber-optic explosion has invalidated the
details of the OSI model. The FO error rate is low enough that it no longer
pays to do error checking and retransmission on a link by link basis.

I think that the deployment of ISDN equipment in the 88-91 timeframe will
will be a major shock to the current networking world. Running layer 2
end to end will make layer 3 redundant. (Except we are moving some of the
layer 3 functionality into Q.931 (the call control protocol).)

Most of the data networking world is oblivious to ISDN. I still hear
statements that it won't happen until the next century. I think that
by 1990, ISDN will be in serious use in many places.

Steve Silverman

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