Re: Station wagon full of bits

Rob Warnock (amdcad!rpw3@decwrl.DEC.COM)
Thu, 26 Mar 87 23:33:23 pst

If you use 6250 fci, 2400' tape, and long records, you can get
about 80% use of the tape, or 144 Mbytes. Adds ANOTHER factor
of 3, so the original posting was about an order of magnitude low.

Incidently, given the volume of stuff that is seen on USENET (over
1 Mbyte/day, now), and the size of some of the phone bills, the
typical transport delay, and the fact that priority (2-day) mail
is fairly cheap, mailed magtapes (small ones) or floppies really
SHOULD be considered as a way of distributing netnews!

Rob Warnock

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