Re: Station wagon full of bits

Greg Skinner (
Thu, 26 Mar 87 16:59:12 -0800

Instead of using wagons, why not contract a moving company (e.g. Allied,
NorthAmerican) to do this? We might be able to get cheaper rates with
the moving companies than to contract out a set of drivers and their
wagons. I would imagine the lifetimes of these wagons would be small
relative to the lifetimes of moving vans (not many cars last through
extensive heavy moving). Plus, the routes the van lines use are already
set up, and probably parallel the cross-country trunks.

We will be able to get much better bandwidth (I'm assuming the capacity
of a moving van to be at least 10 times that of a station wagon), less
overhead involved in switching drivers (they make a living out of doing
this so they know how to switch with minimum delay), more bits/driver
(they are trained so they need less sleep).

Let's use planes to fly the transcontinental links. They're not quite
so good for transmission within a continent (case in point: you can't
land one at an imp :-).


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