Re: Station wagon full of bits

Thu, 26 Mar 87 12:29:41 EST


Yeah, that's the kind of model I was fishing for. But, now you have to consider
the energy input to the system, which depends on the weight of the knapsack.
Ordinarily, we don't worry about that in the ARPANET, since the total energy
input (watts and bucks?) is first-order independent of the bits carried.
Therefore, I submit a more relevant measure might be microjoules/appleseed.
At least Johnny left some trees in his wake.

A long time ago while working my way through school as a disk jockey, I
tossed off a calculation on the total length of the record grooves played
throughout the day (about 100 miles). The station manager liked it so much
he asked me to work the idea into a promo spot, which I did. The idea
caught on and was copied by other local stations as well. It seems the
issues can often be exposed effectively by outrageous changes in the
assumptions and then working through the logic anyway to see if it all

Okay, I promise to shut up.


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