Tue 24 Mar 87 19:51:44-PST

The NetBIOS-over-TCP group is alive and well. Two RFCs have been written.
RFC 1001 is an overview of the operation of the protocols. RFC 1002
describes the packet representations and gives pseudo-code for the
various protocol engines.

I have not yet seen the notice announcing that the documents are available
on the NIC.

The protocols were expressly designed so that one could implement them on
a Un*x system without kernel mods.

The "SMB" protocol is the most common NetBIOS-based application for
doing remote virtual disks and printers. This is what the IBM PC
network program uses. Hearsay has it that Novell does not conform to
either NetBIOS or SMB, based on an assertion that NetBIOS or SMB would
lead to sub-optimal performance.

There ARE SMB server products available for Un*x. Unfortunately, I
can't remember the vendors.

Until images are posted to the NIC, copies may be a bit hard to come by.
I believe you can get a paper copy from Amatzia Ben-Artzi at Sytek.

When you do get a copy, please read it and send comments to either the
editor (me) or the chairman, as listed in the RFCs.

                        --karl-- (Karl Auerbach, Epilogue Technology Corp.)

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