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Michael Dorl (uwvax!uwmacc!dorl@seismo.CSS.GOV)
24 Mar 87 14:34:57 GMT

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Subject: Bruknet Protocols
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Date: 24 Mar 87 14:34:56 GMT
Organization: UWisconsin-Madison Academic Comp Center
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I have a Ethernet supporting both the TCP/IP and DECNet protocols.
A user in Biochemistry wishes to attach some German machinery using
something called Bruknet to this network. The manual seems to
indicate that it coexists with DECNet. It appears to use Ethernet
type 10-10 or 4112 (base 10). This type number does not conflict with
IP but its not listed in the Assigned Numbers section of the
DDN Protocol Handbook.

Has anyone used this product? Is it known to coexist with both
DECNet and TCP/IP?

Michael Dorl

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