H. Craig McKee (mckee@mitre.ARPA)
Tue, 24 Mar 87 08:59:50 EST

The reply from Steve Silverman to Dennis Perry concerning the cost of,
and traffic over, Telenet follows:

 *** Reply to note of 03/22/87 12:28
 From: Steve Silverman
 Subject: Re: GOSIP vs TCP/IP
 Response to Dennis Perry:
         In 1983 the Telenet public network cost in the neighborhood of 85 -
 100 million dollars/year. This included development, PAD support, and
 interest on debt.
         About a year ago the Telenet public net handled about 1.5 billion
 user data packets /month. This does not include layer 3RR packets, which would
 be the equivalent of TCP acknowledgments, retransmittals of dropped packets,
 or network maintenance (GGP packets).
 * Steve

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