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Dan, not sure there has been any model, or any great research either.

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If you look at the original Internet design issues, the idea of
fate sharing and a tactical network, and
so on, determined gateway/routers were connectionless.

A bit like the old CSMA versus token arguments, in a WAN context,
the consequence of this design decision is
that (without resource reservation a la
X.25) you HAVE to over-engineer for bandwidth and delay, or it
just doesn't work.

Witness the UK Academic X.25 network availability under extreme
load is 99% plus, with MTTR in the minutes, and MTBFs in the
days range, compared with the Internet under extreme load,
where we were seeing availabilities of 20-30% and MTTRs of
hours and MTBFs in the hour range.

I look forward to seeing some intermediate scheme
("connectionish networks") for the tactical+low-congestion


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