[dae%psuvax1.bitnet@jade.Berkeley.EDU: Network horror story]

Sat, 21 Mar 87 23:22:02 EST

This won't be news to any of you who are bitnet people, but I think
it will be to some others.

Bitnet has a routing system based on static lookup tables (hey, IBM
software rules!). Updated versions of these tables are generated once
a month and sent all over bitnet...

One problem with this is that the huge amount of data swamps several
major network links (like PSUVM<->OHSTVMA). Recent mail from our
fearless leaders at BITNIC follows:

        From LINKFAIL@BITNIC.BITNET Tue Mar 17 09:23:08 1987
        Received: by psuvax1.UUCP (4.12/4.7)
                id AA18551; Tue, 17 Mar 87 09:22:57 est
        Message-Id: <8703171422.AA18551@psuvax1.UUCP>
        Received: From bitnic.bitnet By psuvax1.bitnet ; 17 Mar 87 14:22:37 GMT
        Received: by BITNIC (Mailer X1.23b) id 6139; Tue, 17 Mar 87 09:08:23 EST
        Date: Tue, 17 Mar 87 09:01:39 EST
        Reply-To: Scott Earley <Reply-To: Scott Earley <EARLEY@BITNIC>
        From: Scott Earley <From: Scott Earley <EARLEY@BITNIC>
        Subject: "March" routing tables
        To: "Dave Eckhardt (Penn SU Comp Sci VLSI Dev" <To: "Dave Eckhardt (Penn SU Comp Sci VLSI Dev" <DAE@PSUVAX1>

        What were once known as the "March routing tables" have been
        twice delayed from delivery -- both irregular circumstances.
        The proposed solution to the immediate dilemma is as follows:

        Tables for all sites on the Penn State side of the PSU-Ohio link
        will be sent through the UCBCMSA--CUNYVM link as usual. Tables
        for all sites on the Ohio side of the PSU-Ohio link will be put
        on tape and mailed overnight to a pre-appointed individual who
        will reintroduce them into the network from there. This will
        eliminate sending about 200 tables through the PSUVM--OHSTVMA
        link. In the future, those tables will be generated by a site
        on the far side, as a more permanent solution.


That's right. Mag tape.


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