DEC LANbridge query...

Fri 20 Mar 87 22:49:54-EST

Has anyone managed to decode the protocol used to talk to these things to the
point of being able to write a program to query them? We are using them to tie
together the various segments of our departmental network and would like to be
able to query them to help locate errant hosts. We have the RBMS software for
VMS but really need to develop some application code of our own. Unfortunately,
the (DEC Proprietary) documentation we have is worse than useless, since our
observations of the LANbridge control packets look almost nothing like what
the documentation claims. The documentation claims that the "Bridge Management
Protocol" is built on top of the Maintenance Operations Protocol (MOP), but no
where in the DEC/DNA MOP documentation can I find an obvious place where this
might be wedged in (and observations of the control packets again bear show
little resemblance to any MOP packets). Has anyone else been down this path or
can suggest documentation I might reference? We'd like to find out what all of
these funny packet values actually mean, rather than just brute-force using
the binary values in our monitoring programs.

        Thanks in advance,
        Vince Fuller, CMU-CSD

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