breakdown of SMTP traffic

Greg Skinner (
Fri, 20 Mar 87 08:06:19 PST

I'm sorry to interrupt this useful discussion of GOSIP, but I have a
brief question regarding arpanet/milnet congestion.

Does anyone have any figures (even ballpark figures) for:

* the % of TCP packets that are SMTP packets that cross the
* the % of those packets which are going to arpanet list-of-lists
  mailing list recipients, or to the list itself
* the % of those packets which are going to non list-of-lists mailing
  lists which have sizable readerships (e.g. egp-people, gwmon)
* the % of those packets which are "conversational" (ie. don't fall
  into the previous two categories)

I am assuming that the last two categories are contributing to
congestion to a larger degree than the second category.


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