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Wed, 18 Mar 87 18:53:11 EST

[This failed the first time at SRI-NIC:
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> one proven file for each of the major environments:
> Internet only, UUCP only, a combination of the two

For the combination internet/uucp file, it would be good
if someone could come up with a general, automated, way of sending
mail destined for domains primarily under UUCP via UUCP, and others
via the Internet. For those that would prefer UUCP when a site is on
both, some massaging of the first part of the pathalias output might
be in order. I imagine, though, that most Internet sites would prefer
Internet, but would rather send mail that will eventually end up on
UUCP themselves, rather than forwarding it to seismo. Maybe if the
UUCP Project would put out a simple list of the second level domains
that are registered with them and not on the Internet or csnet, in the


it would be usable as a sendmail class.... (This would be especially
good for those UUCP Zone domains that don't have an Internet forwarder!)

I'd love to help, but as I'm not physically on the Internet....

John Owens Old Dominion University - Norfolk, Virginia, USA
john@ODU.EDU old arpa:
+1 804 440 3915 old uucp: {seismo,harvard,sun,hoptoad}!xanth!john

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