Re: A defense of GOSIP

Paul Tsuchiya (
Sun, 15 Mar 87 22:10:28 EST

As per your comments about ISO people and their not using thier own
technology for mailing lists.

I won't speak for other ISO groups, but the group I'm in
(ANSI X3S3.3, aka Transport and Network Layer, the folks that
brought you IP (ISO) and TP4) does use the ARPANET and TCP/IP
for its mailing. Granted, it's not X.400, but we are more
interested in doing our jobs than showing off our own stuff.
We are also more that happy to consider what is
good (and what is not so good) in the DoD protocol world.

By the way, our hot items right now are routing and other
management functions, and YES we have looked at EGP and GGP etc.,
and YES we find some problems there.

Also, we are meeting jointly from time to time (actually the first such
time will be this April) with the INENG folks (yup, fuzzballs, swamps, etc.).

If anyone is interested in getting in on our mailing list, send
request to request to

(To be honest, I have met many of the folks that give ISO a bad name.
But there are SOME good people in standards).

Paul Tsuchiya

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