A defense of GOSIP

Barry Shein (bzs@bu-cs.bu.edu)
Sat, 14 Mar 87 22:17:32 EST

>Does this mean that one should not "go ISO". Perhaps, if you are
>measuring costs over a short term. But, if you take a long view, and
>believe that ISO will, in fact, mature, then perhaps you ought to
>invest now, grow-up with the technology, and avoid a conversion

Fine, send me implementations for my SUNs, Encores, IBM/3090, Xerox
and Symbolics Lisp machines, Vaxes (UNIX and VMS), ATT/3B (SYSV),
IBM/PCs and Celerities. I am running some version of Internet
protocols on all of those right now and it is critical to our campus'
operation, research and educational business.

I await the software or list of vendors from you.

(maybe we should continue this argument on INFO-OSI which no doubt
everyone reads on their X.400/OSI systems anyhow.)

        -Barry Shein, Boston University

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