Black Art: files

Frank J. Wancho (WANCHO@SIMTEL20.ARPA)
Sat 14 Mar 87 00:58:49-MST

It seems the root of many of the improperly formed message headers,
and the reason that many hosts have had difficulty in switching to the
domain format host names is poorly constructed files.
This problem will shortly become acute when the NIC will no longer
disribute its HOSTS.TXT file containing host alias entries.

Therefore, I'd like to propose that a small handful of sendmail
wizards get together and produce one proven file for each
of the major environments: Internet only, UUCP only, a combination of
the two, and whatever else they deem necessary. Then make the
resulting versions available either somewhere on NIC or ucbvax or
both, and advertise where they are.

Of course, if this has been done already, it would pay to make that
information known much more widely, particularly at this time.


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