GOSIP (Re)action?

10 Mar 1987 10:20:08 EST

   Rather than hold fire until everybody who has HEARD things
about GOSIP that are rather different from what has been WRITTEN
about it manages to catch up with their reading (after all,
Marshall has already thrown in the towel and presumably Dave will
soon), may I suggest we assume consensus has been reached in the
TCP-IP "world" that the GOSIP draft AS CIRCULATED is inappropriate
and turn to discussing ways of combatting it? Does it make sense
to encourage everybody who has/will come out against it
to send hardcopy to Corrigan and Sullivan, seeing that they don't
appear to be responding to netmail? Would you like to join me
in encouraging Dennis Perry to encourage DARPA to take a formal
stand? Should we be suggesting to all interested readers of
TCP-IP that they write to Congress? to the GOSIP address you
put in your first msg on the topic? to the chaplain? Does
anybody out there have any connections with "60 Minutes"?
(Not totally facetious, that; they might like one where the
DoD has the right end of the stick and it's OMB and/or NBS
who are leading to the overexpenditures, if only to balance
the one they did the other week about the Bradley Armored
Personnel Incinerator--er, uh, Carrier.)
   I'll be sending my own hardcopy, in compliance with a
suggestion Dennis made, but I'd like to think all concerned
parties can "do something" in concert. Any ideas?
(For that matter, can you publish on the List appropriate
p-mail addresses for Sullivan and Corrigan [p=physical],
and should the NBS copy go to the attention of Jim Burrows,
who was Heafner's boss before he left, perhaps, rather than
just to GOSIP?)
   totally unfacetious cheers, map
P.S. As evidence of my seriousness, note that I consciously
resisted saying that the hardcopy should be sent Return
Receipt Requested.

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