TCP retransmission header question

Margaret H. Knox (
Thu, 5 Mar 87 21:12:25 CST

This is probably a simple question for most of the TCP hackers out
there, but we cant agree on the information in the TCP standard.

Case: A number of packets are sent and placed on the retransmission
        queue awaiting acknowledge. Then a packet is received
        acknowledging SOME of them, and also sending more data.
        We now send another packet, with a new acknowledge because
        of the additional data just received.

Question: If it becomes necessary to resend the packets still on the
        retransmission queue, should the headers be updated to reflect
        the new acknowledge. The alternative is to send the packets
        exactly as they were sent originally. This has the interesting
        affect of causing us to send an acknowledge of a LOWER value
        than one just previously sent.

Answer: ???

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