9 Mar 87 10:24 EST

I am compelled to respond to what I perceive is a rather low opinion of
protocol vendors (which would include me, I guess). Granted, it's caveat
emptor out there, and the low opinion is deserved IN GENERAL. But there
are some vendors who are not money-grubbing capitalists to the extent that
customer dissatisfaction is irrelevant. Indeed, all vendors implicitly
understand this truth about any marketplace to some degree. The ones who
lose sight of the fact that customers buy data flowing between their
computers (not software) reap the inevitable consequences.

My experience would indicate that a significant number of nodes don't
want to employ network protocol experts. They would much rather find a
cradle-to-grave network solution (sorry, I couldn't resist) that they can
entrust with their data comm requirements. It's easier for managers to
beat on one vendor than on one or more employees and one or more vendors.
Yes, there is public domain software, but there are learning curves and
other hidden costs associated with it, and you still need the hardware.

The theory is that more than one vendor springs up to provide these
services, each with approximately the same savoir faire and customer
commitment. The choices available to the customer cause prices to be
competitive. It's lack of alternatives which cause customer gouging.

Believe it or not, we do have satisfied customers.

And these are obviously my own personal opinions only, too.

Dave Craig
Network Solutions, Inc.

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