ISO controversy

Mark Crispin (MRC%PANDA@SUMEX-AIM.Stanford.EDU)
Sun 8 Mar 87 12:02:01-PST

     The single thing about the whole ISO controversy that irritates
me the most is the apparent glee in which the ISO groupies (no, I don't
mean you, Marshall!) are shoving this mess down our throats. I have
heard (and read) truly incredible statements; certain individuals are
evidentally getting quite a kick over the trauma the entire DoD Internet
will have to go through to migrate to ISO. This is apparently our
punishment for developing an internetwork without waiting for ISO to
come through.

     A secondary source of annoyance to me is the lie that various
vendors are going to jump in and offer ISO support. The vendor of
TOPS-20 isn't going to implement it. Some poor schmuck (probably me)
will have to do it. I have this nasty hunch that my friends the
Multics hackers will be in the same situation. At least we'll have
guaranteed employment for a long time :-).

     I thought the original intent of the ISO migration issue was to
migrate to ISO *only* when it is reasonable to do so. Any migration
now is going to cost the US taxpayers BIG bucks. In case the paper-
pushers haven't been looking lately, us hackers no longer sell our
services cheaply. Has ANYONE done an economic analysis of the impact
of an ISO migration on the DoD Internet?

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