Cheap Gateway?

Doug Gilmore (
Sun, 8 Mar 87 01:28:41 CST

Though I don't have time to investigate this at
the moment, I think its worth noting. As you may
have learned from other messages I have sent on the
net, I have ported 4.3BSD to the IBM PC-AT.
Though the port is far from complete, the network
code is fairly solid, thus it would not take too
much effort to build reliable gateway machines
using this code. In my earlier message, I
neglected to mention that kernel has a resident
debugger that allows one single step and set
breakpoints in the kernel (the user interface is
special version of adb that runs on a VAX that
communicate with the resident debugger via a
serial line). Thus the debugging environment is
quite reasonable.

Also it may be relatively easy to port the BRL
Gateway to the PC-AT using the 4.3BSD code as a
basis -- again the kernel debugger would prove
very useful here.

Send me mail if you would like more information.

Doug Gilmore

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