TCP/IP Interoperability Conference -- Birds of a Feather Session

Glenn Trewitt (
6 Mar 1987 0942-PST (Friday)

This is to announce a birds-of-a-feather session at the TCP/IP
conference in Montery, March 16-19. Here is the abstract.

                      Birds of a Feather Session
                  TCP/IP Interoperability Conference
                       Tuesday, March 17, 7-9 pm


We will discuss current work that is aimed at developing standard monitoring
protocols for the Internet. The scope of this standardization is not
limited to gateways, but includes other entities operating at the IP layer.
There are many issues here: what data to monitor, data representation, how
to request specific data, security, and transport protocols.

Security and transport protocols have been discussed at some length on the
gateway monitoring mailing list ( organized by Craig
Partridge. This session will primarily focus on the data-related issues
mentioned above.

The session will start with several 5-minute presentations from people who
are working in this area, describing what they are doing and what their
needs are. Following the presentations, we will have round-robin discussion
until we stop.

If you are interested in giving a presentation, please contact Glenn
Trewitt, Trewitt, (You will have 5 minutes to talk,
followed by questions. There should be an overhead projector available, so
you can bring along a slide or two. Also feel free to bring along handouts
for people to read.)

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