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6 Mar 1987 05:39-PST

Hmm... according to the host table, thios enclosed message came
from a VAX7/50 running UNIX. Doesn't sendmail (or whatever it
is) do the translation of nicnames into primary names? I mention
this due to the forthcoming removal of nicnames from the host
table. Mike

Begin forwarded message
Received: from MIT-MULTICS.ARPA by SRI-NIC.ARPA with TCP; Fri 6 Mar 87 04:25:45-PST
          from SRI-NIC.ARPA by MIT-MULTICS.ARPA TCP; 06-Mar-1987 07:19:25-est
          from nrl-csr.ARPA by SRI-NIC.ARPA with TCP; Thu 5 Mar 87 18:06:26-PST
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 87 21:07:52 est
From: From: kolacki@nrl-csr (Bob Kolacki)
To: To: tcp-ip@sri-nic
Message-ID: <8703060207.AA00898@nrl-csr.ARPA>

Please put me on your mailing list.

I'm currently reviewing the GOSIP document.

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