Re: Submission for mod-protocols-tcp-ip

Andy Beals (amdcad!bandy@decwrl.DEC.COM)
Thu, 5 Mar 87 17:05:09 pst

>I don't know whether the Bridge products issue ICMP redirects or not.

No, Bridge does not issue ICMP redirects. They implement no part of the
ICMP protocol. (the first paragraph of RFC792 not withstanding) Their
claim is that "until recently, ICMP was not completely described". They
just came out with a new release for their GS/3 (release 11000) and
claim that the next release will have full ICMP support. (due sometime
during the summer?)

>From talking to them, it seems that they don't quite believe that they
should support IP to the extent they support Xerox NS.


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