Ken Pogran (
Wed, 4 Mar 87 10:07:29 EST


But the document states (p. 2, sec. 1.4):

    "GOSIP is to be used by all Federal Government agencies
     when procuring ADP systems or services and communica-
     tion systems or services. It is mandatory for all new
     network implementations ... Specifically, this speci-
     fication is mandatory and applies to the procurement of
     all mini computers and mainframes that are to be inter-
     connected as end systems or intermediate systems."

If the framers of this document wanted to say, "Use this
specification IF you want to procure OSI stuff", it certainly
didn't come out that way! My paraphrase of it would be, "If you
want to buy systems that communicate, you MUST use this spec." I
vote with MAP on this one (that's Michael A. Padlipsky, not
Manufacturing Automation Protocol).

Ken Pogran

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