Re: Submission for mod-protocols-tcp-ip

Charles Hedrick (mcvax!!hedrick@seismo.CSS.GOV)
Tue, 3 Mar 87 07:50:30 est

Let us suppose that you have the following configuration:

--------- network 192.1.1
 router, with addresses and
--------- network 192.1.2
 router, with addresses and
--------- network 192.1.3

Now suppose you have a 4.2 machine on network 192.1.2, whose own
address is Here is the way I would set up routing.

   /usr/etc/route add 192.1.1 1
   /usr/etc/route add 192.1.3 1

That is, you tell route the address of the router that is used to get
to each other the other networks. The address you give must be the
address of the router's interface on your own network. With this
approach, you need one route command for each network other than the
one your machine is on. If the router has the ability to issue ICMP
redirects, you can do things with a single entry:

  /usr/etc/route add 0 1

A network number of 0 specifies this as a default route. That means
that any address not on the local network is sent to If
that machine is not the right one, it should issue a redirect command
that will cause your machine to add a proper routing entry automatically.
I don't know whether the Bridge products issue ICMP redirects or not.

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