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Juha Hein{nen (mcvax!!jh@seismo.CSS.GOV)
2 Mar 87 16:12:45 GMT

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Subject: How to have two networks in a single Ethernet?
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Date: 2 Mar 87 16:12:44 GMT
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We have just got Bridge GS-3M boxes with Vitalink software that
connect protocol independently four separate Ethernets. The separate
Ethernets each have their own Class C Internet numbers. Our problem
is, how to configure the 4.2bsd machines (Suns and Vaxen) in each of
the separate networks so that they could talk to each other.

We have tried to add new entries in /etc/hosts and add new arp info
but when trying to connect a machine in another network, we get back
an error message "Network is unreachable". It looks like we should be
able to generate one of our machines as a gateway machine with only
one Ethernet controller. Any help is appreciated.

	Juha Heinanen
	Tampere	Univ. of Technology

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