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Van Jacobson (
Sun, 01 Mar 87 21:48:48 PST

>>I realize that some UNIX(tm) systems and derivatives provide a
>>netstat command with a '-s' option that gives the following
>>counters for the tcp level.
>> 0 bad header checksums
>> 0 bad header offset fields
>> 0 incomplete headers

Mike Karels and I recently expanded the tcp counters in 4bsd.
"netstat -s" now spits out the following tcp info:

        409459 packets sent
                348357 data packets (176132584 bytes)
                4580 data packets (4180410 bytes) retransmitted
                36809 ack-only packets (35384 delayed)
                37 URG only packets
                470 window probe packets
                17169 window update packets
                2037 control packets
        388768 packets received
                215725 acks (for 176151367 bytes)
                31643 duplicate acks
                0 acks for unsent data
                204363 packets (40447108 bytes) received in-sequence
                5905 completely duplicate packets (21670 bytes)
                104 packets with some dup. data (195 bytes duped)
                795 out-of-order packets (15985 bytes)
                1 packet (1024 bytes) of data after window
                7 window probes
                3219 window update packets
                0 packets received after close
                0 discarded for bad checksums
                0 discarded for bad header offset fields
                0 discarded because packet too short
        729 connection requests
        425 connection accepts
        1069 connections established (including accepts)
        1183 connections closed (including 9 drops)
        93 embryonic connections dropped
        178425 segments updated rtt (of 179970 attempts)
        3745 retransmit timeouts
                1 connection dropped by rexmit timeout
        315 persist timeouts
        77992 keepalive timeouts
                21298 keepalive probes sent
                73 connections dropped by keepalive

This includes almost everything you were asking about though some
of the numbers require a good understanding of the 4bsd tcp
implementation to interpret. I promised Mike that I would write
a short document (probably an appendix to the 4bsd "Networking
Implementation Notes") saying what these numbers mean and how
various ratios and differences can be used to find network
problems. I have about 30 pages of notes on good things to
include in this document but it will probably take me two or
three months to get round to writing it.

This stuff will presumably go out with the next BSD release. It
might even become available as a "bug fix" or something before
the next release (I speak from complete ignorance -- I know nothing
about BSD distribution policies or plans). I do know that Wollongong
has a VMS version of the 4.3bsd networking code that includes these
stats (though they don't seem to be distributing it yet -- bang on
your TWG salesman if you want it). I also have a strong suspicion
that SRI's Multinet will soon include these stats.

  - Van

ps: given the problem you're working on, the socket debugging
    option and "trpt" might be a quicker way to find it. E.g.,
    "ftp -d host-B" to generate some traffic with debugging enabled
    then "/etc/trpt -f" (with, say, an ftp data transfer running)
    to get a complete protocol trace including all the packet
    arrivals and departures, state transitions, timeouts, rtt's
    and srtt estimates, user process actions, etc. ("man 8 trpt"
    will get you more information on how to use it and what
    optional information is available). Trpt, like netstat,
    should be available to any "lowly user" on a 4bsd system.

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