Re: VMS Mail Systems

Kenneth Adelman (ken@Hamlet.Caltech.Edu)
Sun, 1 Mar 87 19:09:41 PST

> We run a Vax VMS system with connections to the IP Internet (The
> Wollongong Groups WIN/VX), BITNET (Joiners JNET and GMAIL), and
> DECNet. Both the IP and BITNET systems are accessable from DEC's
> MAIL utility but the user interface is poor. We are looking for
> something that presents a better more fully coordinated interface
> to these nets.

    The Software Tools Mail System is a public domain RFC821/2 based
mailer which interfaces to MultiNet TCP/IP (compatible with WIN/VX),
Jnet, and DECnet-VMSmail. Caltech uses it to provide a gateway
between ARPAnet, BITnet, and our local DECnet.

    VMSmail users sometimes have trouble adapting to its user interface,
but an interface to VMSmail is available (in a uniform fashion).

    Below is an adapted INFO-VAX posting of mine:

    As our VAX is now running the Multinet TCP/IP software, there has
been a recent change in	the location of	the Software Tools

The latest distribution of the Software Tools Mail System is available from HAMLET.CALTECH.EDU [] via FTP as the ASCII files:

ST_SRC:DISTN.COM build kit for the Software Tools VOS ST_SRC:DOC.COM \ ST_SRC:VMS.COM | sources for the Software Tools VOS ST_SRC:SRC.COM /

ST_SRC:MSGSYS.COM sources for the Software Tools Mail System. (Requires the VOS to build.)

The distribution is also available via DECnet on SPAN/HEPnet from host SHAKES:: (5.859) in the same directory (ST_SRC:).

I can send the distribution via BITnet to any requesters. Please specify /VMSDUMP or /NETDATA format when requesting, as some lines are over 80 characters. What you will receive is many smaller .COM files which when executed in lexical order have the same result as the one big one. Please also specify whether you want just DISTNx.COM and MSGSYSx.COM (the default) or the entire source distribution (not needed for the mail system).

These are "DCL-archives". You unpack them by executing them in an empty directory, and build them by following the instructions in README.1ST or BUILD.DOC. Only DISTN.COM and MSGSYS.COM are required to build the mail system.

This distribution includes the new drivers for Jnet V3.0 and Excelan's TCP/IP card. Much work has been done in the conversion of the mail system from RATFOR to C. We currently have the C version running on PC/ATs under Xenix and on VAXen under both 4.3bsd and VMS, but are not prepared to distribute this version (yet).


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