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Michael Dorl (uwvax!uwmacc!dorl@seismo.CSS.GOV)
1 Mar 87 16:41:41 GMT

Path: uwmacc!dorl
From: From: dorl@uwmacc.UUCP (Michael Dorl)
Newsgroups: mod.protocols.tcp-ip,comp.sys.dec,comp.mail.misc
Subject: VMS Mail Systems
Message-ID: <1163@uwmacc.UUCP>
Date: 1 Mar 87 16:41:41 GMT
Organization: UWisconsin-Madison Academic Comp Center
Lines: 10

We run a Vax VMS system with connections to the IP Internet (The
Wollongong Groups WIN/VX), BITNET (Joiners JNET and GMAIL), and
DECNet. Both the IP and BITNET systems are accessable from DEC's
MAIL utility but the user interface is poor. We are looking for
something that presents a better more fully coordinated interface
to these nets.

If you have or know of such products, please mail to.... dorl@wiscmacc.bitnet

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