Re: secure replacements for passwords

J. Spencer Love (JSLove@MIT-MULTICS.ARPA)
Sun, 1 Mar 87 00:41 EST

    Date: 18 January 1987 15:57 est
    From: The Matt Crawford of net.* <matt at ODDJOB.UCHICAGO.EDU>
    Subject: Re: secure replacements for passwords

    J. Spencer Love writes:
    ) I don't know about your TCP, but the Multics TCP will send a RST
    ) immediately if it receives a packet with an ACK that is too high. I
    ) believe that this is clearly spelled out in the specification, but I am
    ) at home and don't have the specification handy.

    Nope, RFC-793 says "If the ACK acks something not yet sent
    (SEG.ACK > SND.NXT) then send an ACK, drop the segment, and

Thank you for pointing this out. I'm sorry that this reply is so

The Multics TCP does, in fact, behave as I claimed. I have examined
RFC-793, and the sentence which Matt Crawford quoted is on page 72 (page

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