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27 Feb 87 18:52:17 GMT

Path: bcsaic!randy
From: From: randy@bcsaic.UUCP (Randy Groves)
Subject: TCP-IP implementations for the PC anyone??
Keywords: tcp-ip pc
Message-ID: <461@bcsaic.UUCP>
Date: 27 Feb 87 18:52:16 GMT
Organization: Boeing Computer Services ATC, Seattle
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We have a requirement for network connections between IBM PC's and various
mainframe/workstations, all of which speak either TCP or DECnet. I need
to find out what is available - either commercial or PD in either realm.

So if you know of or use a TCP or DECnet implementation on PC's - using
Ethernet or some other medium, please let me know by email. I need
basic file transfer at the minimum, some sort of ipc or telnet capability
would be nice if available.

Thanks much.

-randy groves
Boeing Advanced Technology Center

UUCP: ..!uw-beaver!uw-june!bcsaic!randy USNail: Boeing Computer Services
CSNET: PO Box 24346 M/S 7L-44
VOICE: (206)865-3212 Seattle, WA 98124

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