Delta-T Paper

Bob Braden (
Wed, 25 Feb 87 11:45:57 PST

We Computer Technologists are noted for standing on each other's toes rather
than each other's shoulders [I first heard that metaphor from Alan Newell
in 1966, but it has also be attributed to Herb Simon], when we make what
we like to think of as progress. If this sounds like a collective rebuke,
it is.

Since the recent exchange about Delta-T, I have received three different
requests for a reference to Dick Watson's work. The requestors were all
well-known members of this community; that is both the good and the bad

So that I will not have to send it out yet again...

IEN193, which is a reprint of "Timer-Based Mechanisms in Reliable Transport
   Protocol Connection Management" (Computer Networks, 5 (1981) 47-56).

An important and interesting paper. Dick, I think you are on this mailing
list, can you suggest any other paper on your Delta-T work?

Bob Braden

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