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Edward J Cetron (cetron@utah-cs.ARPA)
Wed, 25 Feb 87 09:24:22 MST

In article <8702242033.AA21637@ucbarpa.Berkeley.EDU> jordan@UCBARPA.BERKELEY.EDU (Jordan Hayes) writes:
>(glad i put a '?' next to it ...) -- the sndmsg balks stuff is from
>Wollongong's VMS mailer ...

        Don't feel quite so bad, the software tools mailer is somewhat similar:

After it receives the 'terminating' <cr><lf>.<cr><lf> it spawns off a subshell
which attempts to send the receive message header information to a mailer
daemon....if the send works (address is valid, header info complete, etc) then
it returns and the SMTP server responds with the OK message. If not, it sends
the appropriate error code (syntax error in address - see RFC 822, date missing
etc...). There IS a window where the remote mailer could time out, but to date
I have never seen this actually happen - remember, it is NOT trying to deliver
the message, just verify the headers and queue it for delivery.....

-ed cetron

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