Tue 24 Feb 87 01:19:53-PST

     Thanks to all people who took the time to answer to
my request for informations on Satellite gateway.
     We are an educational and research institution in
France, and we intend to develop a satellite gateway (based on
earth ...) .Our purpose is to interconnect baseband Ethernet
networks using TCP/IP, and later ISO Transport Services
on top of the Tcp. The hardware, that we shall use is a French
68000 based machine with a specific bus, running Unix sys 5.

     We shall send later a brief description of our own developments
for peoples interested by the subject.

     I have summarized the answers. They were very useful for us.


Date: 29 Jan 87 10:53:46 EST (Thu)
From: Robert Hinden <>


What is a Satellite gateway? Is that a gateway that is in a

We sell,supply, and operate earth based gateways for several clients,
including DARPA and DDN, which are DOD IP Internet gateway which
connect to a variety of networks, including DDN (1822 and X.25),
Ethernet, Satnet, Wideband, and gateway trunks. The gateway is based
on the BBN Butterfly Multiprocessor. Currently we have 19 installed
in locations from Calf. to Europe. We will be installing an
additonal 25 in the next year or so.

Date: Fri, 30 Jan 87 12:19:32 MST
From: (Walt Haas)

I believe that Vitalink makes some earth stations you could
use with TCP/IP. They can be reached at

        1350 Charleston Rd.
        Mt. View, CA 94043
        (415) 968-5465
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 87 09:48:38 pst
From: hplabs!cae780!ubvax!dcrocker@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU (Dave Crocker)

Ungermann-Bass has a collection of TCP/IP products, including
intelligent PC cards and async terminal concentrators. IP Routers
(gateways) are in the offing. The product
line includes the ability to down-load the hardware from a network
management center. This has been used over a satellite link.

Software Development

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