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From: From: stan@ucla-an.UUCP (Stan Stead M.D.)
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Subject: Wanted: Xenix driver for PC Network/Token Ring
Keywords: network token-ring xenix source driver
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Date: 23 Feb 87 05:49:15 GMT
Distribution: usa
Organization: Dept. Anesthesia, Sch. of Med., UCLA, Los Angeles
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We are interested in using the Token Ring or PC Network as a DDN interface
into our local ethernet, to ARPA and beyond. While it doesn't look that
difficult (it never does) we are reluctant to re-invent the wheel.

What we really need is source code for a PC Network or Token Ring driver.
Has anyone developed a Xenix driver for either the PC Network boards or
Token Ring? I have heard that SCO has such a driver, but I do not know
of anyone using it.
        Thanks in advance.

Stanley W. Stead
UCLA School of Medicine / Dept of Anesthesiology
BELL: (213) 206-6238
ARPA: ucla-an!stan@ee.UCLA.EDU
UUCP: {trwrb|ucla-cs|cepu}\
UUCP: {ihnp4|decvax}!hermix/

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