Re: Vertically Moving Congestion (VMC)

21 Feb 1987 17:26-EST


Tony Lauck has thought a lot about vertical congestion. One
interesting idea he had is to mark packets moving towards a
destination with an indication that congestion was encountered.
The receiving site uses this information to help adjust its
window for flow control at the transport level (in addition to
using local information like buffer space).

Oh, Tony is the chief protocol architect for Digital Equip Corp.

The other thing to observe is that congestion can show up in
various ways. It can result in buffers filling up to limits, it
can result in increased delays, it can show up as reduced
throughput or all of the above. Also, as lost packets, increased
retransmissions (missing ACKS). All these need to be thought of
as clues which participants in the comm system can use to attempt
to adapt. The engineering of an internet is still very much a
matter for R&D, so you should feel encouraged to begin work in
this area.

Vint Cerf

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